Here’s something I learned the other day: you can capture a graphical signature with Preview on macos to sign a PDF document.

In the Tools -> Annote -> Signatures menu, you’ll find a menu item Manage Signatures plus any signature you may have already added to Preview.

If you click it, you get the opportunity to create a new signature.

Now, here comes the really cool part:

You can enter a signature using a pointing device of your choice, OR you can take a picture of a signature with the web camera!

I don’t know about you, but I have an awfully hard time getting a decent looking signature with any pointing device: mouse, trackpad, track pointer, track ball, even a graphics tablet and stylus combination. Nothing feels right for me like pen on paper.

Making a pen-and-paper signature now can be transfered into a PDF directly, and this means no printing, signing, and scanning back in.

This has probably existed for ages, but it’s something I just learned. Never too young. :)