Something I had tucked away in notes on a different computer while I was working on my work computer, so I figured it was time to put up on the SWaaC blog.

By default on macOS, when you do a screen capture, it saves the file(s) in your Desktop directory. I’d like to put them someplace else as I really hate having cluttered up desktops.

The command to use from the Terminal is defaults which is used to set various system parameters that aren’t available in Systems Preferences.

Here’s what I did:

$ mkdir ~/Pictures/Screenshots
$ defaults write location ~/Pictures/Screenshots
$ killall SystemUIServer

and to test took a screen capture with CMD-SHIFT-3.

I considered saving the screen captures to my Google Drive, but that might prove to be a problem at some point down the road.

Also, I’m using an app called Monosnap which is freely available from the App Store for making annotated screen captures. I’m liking it a lot, it reminds me of Skitch for Evernote, without the Evernote overhead.