Matt provides a great little tutorial on the sectioning elements in HTML5; what they’re for and when to use them.

The article may be a year old, but the information is still current. Sectioning HTML pages is important for understanding the structure of a page. While most visual users will never notice, those using screen readers and voice over/text-to-speech systems will. They also provide a good sense for designing the elements of a page, and thinking about the content you’re creating.

The section elements discussed

Great quote at the end:

Final Thoughts on the Sectioning Elements

In this post you’ve learned how to use the HTML5 sectioning elements when marking up your web pages. Using these elements has a number of benefits. One of the biggest being that it gives certain areas of your page more semantic meaning, allowing computer programs to identify key elements like the main content and page navigation. This information is extremely useful to applications like screen readers.

Additional useful links about HTML5 Sectioning:

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